ZEP STUDIO: Block Coding Editor

ZEP, a metaverse platform, provides ZEP scripts (APIs) so that users can use various functions, such as manipulating avatars or personalizing their own space. Some users want to build a ZEP app using this.

However, someone who wants to build an app must have prior development knowledge, such as web technology or JavaScript. Furthermore, Even if they have all those skills, an inefficient testing process awaits them; you should deploy every time you want to test. 

With ZEP Studio, anyone can easily make their world WITHOUT any code and developers.

How is this possible?
ZEP Studio allows non-developers to use the features of the ZEP script in the editor with drag-and-click. In addition, it also enables automated app deployment to see results immediately; users can view map and code previews at any time by publishing changes whenever the creators change options.

We mapped the code in ZEP Script into 3 types of blocks.

1. Trigger block: entry point for each code fragment (event hook)
2. Control block: include conditions, iteration, and variables 
3. Action block: control UI and business logic (methods)

Check out our Demo video & Github
This project was made for JUNCTION ASIA 2022 HACKATHON



Product Design : YUJIN KIM
Brand Identity Design : DOHU LEE

ZEP STUDIO: Block Coding Editor