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    Logo and brand design created for Buffalo Game Space, a public group for independent game development located in Western New York.
The logo for Buffalo Game Space was heavily inspired by older video game packaging, specifically the Super Nintendo/Super Famicom. We wanted to somehow incorporate both Buffalo and games into the same icon, so the idea of using a controller shape as the body of a buffalo came about. After that, it was a simple matter of creating the proper framing for the icon, which was designed to look similar in style to a cartridge or cartridge label.
The "Buffalo Game Space" logo font is Exo 2.0, designed by Natanael Gama.
Unused logo concepts.
"BGSJAM ][" will be the second official game jam held at Buffalo Game Space.
"BGS Arcade" is a regularly held gaming night at Buffalo Game Space.
"BGS Member Talks" are an upcoming staple of the BGS Bi-Weekly Meetings, where a member can present on any game dev topic of their choosing.