• SelfieClub™ is a brand new app created specially for teenagers that allows them to share their selfies with followers along with a corresponding icon that matches their mood at the time. 
    Signature Creative created a set of cool and engaging emoticons that would appeal to this demographic. We linked each one of the main emotions to iconography within popular culture. 
    For instance, our happy icon is a clam ("happy as a clam"), our sick icon is a dog and our angry icon is a sour grape. We also created a second set of icons based on actions and some tertiary icons depicting animals, objects or special events. The goal of this level of personalization was to allow every user to select from a wide array of fun and unique visual avatars within the Selfie Club Icon family look and feel.
    We also created desktop and mobile wallpapers with the Selfie Club Icon Family.
    And after spending so much time with these little folks we decided to bring them to life!
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    Download your SelfieClub Free Wallpaper!
  • Credits
    Creative Director: John Gheur
    Character Design, Illustration and 3D: Ana Gomez Bernaus
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