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Going from 2D to 3D with Sketch, Blender and Spline

Here I'm playing around with a Sky Texture in Blender. Yummy!
Going from 2D icons out to 3D models using Sketch & Blender.
I don't know about you guys but I prefer the happy robot on the right. Right? 
Staying curious is a crucial part of being a creative I think. I've dabbled with 3D in the far land of past days, and now I'm at it again. This time I'm learning Blender and Spline. I'm having lots of fun!

Thing is, I really don't like the tedious technique of traditional 3D modeling. So I did some well needed R&D and found out a clever way of starting inside Sketch, or any other traditional 2D design software. The next step was exporting as SVG's, after some well needed cleanup in Sketch and finally doing some funky extrude moves inside Blender, and, voilá look at me I'm apparently a 3D artist 🤣
I'm a sucker for the 3D line art effect. Does it show? 🤣
The part that I have always enjoyed most with 3D is the ability to change both the look and feel by just choosing a different type of lighting or rendering style. I'm a sucker for pastel colored lightning.
It's also fun to play around with 3D typography in Blender. 
Rendered with Eeve in Blender and a bunch of crazy disco lights!
Behind the scenes how this is done.
Here's a few behind the scenes thingies on how to take flat 2D objects from Sketch into Blender and do the funky 3D dance moves. 
Everything has a beginning.
The Spline Experience.
Why do I love Spline? Because it's easy to use, fun to interact with and you can export and share your 3D scenes really easy. I exported each model from Blender as .fbx, recolored, animated and added Spline's version of that good old line art rendering style.

Pst. Try clicking on the cassette. 🎧🤖
I'm super excited about learning these new skills. Next step is to take this all the way into Unity. Here we go go go! 🚀
Going from Spline into Blender, again.
Why even do this? Well, Spline has a lot of ready-made stuff that I used in the scene below. So why not go back? Exactly. 
Just by using a different type of coloring and rendering engine in Blender, Cycles, you get something like this. Pretty neat!
Creating snow or rain is super easy!
Bye bye for now, see you folks!
Going from 2D to 3D with Sketch, Blender and Spline

Going from 2D to 3D with Sketch, Blender and Spline