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    My Friends Are Pretty By Ben Capp - Opening 10th June 6-9pm
"Sometimes we take ourselves too seriously and forget to step back and have a good laugh at our flaws, our eccentricities, our appearance and our beliefs. Our inhibitions threaten our confidence and ability to relax just to cope with the stress of everyday life.

I was 15 when I realised I was balding and it took some time to come to terms with it. I remember looking in the mirror a few years later contemplating shaving it all off. I thought "I'm ghostly pale, have freckles and ginger chest hair, I may as well be bald too". I understood I was not, nor ever would be, the quintessential Adonis of a man we all may want to be.

I'm a modest outgoing chap, with a solid circle of beautiful friends and an amazing family and this is what matters to me. As does having a laugh. When I was 10 years old, my Mum asked me to think about my purpose in life. After a good think, a year or so later I told her that my purpose was to make people smile.

My Friends Are Pretty is a reminder that we are all pretty in one way or another and we should all be a bit silly from time to time so we don't go nuts."

Opening Friday 10th June 6-9pm @ No Vacancy Project Space - Space 32, The Atrium, Federation Square, Melbourne

Show runs 7th - 19th June