Priotcia Levori
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Priotcia Levori • a serious Little man (1845.1850)

Young Priotcia was born in a middle class family from Russia that moved to the United Kingdom as a request from a distant wealthy relative. At the tender age of 2 years old Priotcia witness how his mother perished riding a mindless black horse that smashed her head after she fell from it. 
Ever since that day, the boy started a series of passive suicide attempts. Most involve trying to ride the black stallion that took his mother away. Once he tried to die of starvation, expressing that his mother will be back on time to prapare a proper meal for this younger child. Its important to point out that Priotcia never cried or express any kind of sad emotion related to his mother fate. He remained calm and on many occasions manifest a disturbing mature and serious behavior when talking about death and how life might end with one single action. 
On October 1850, Priotcia accomplish his goal after 25 failed suicide attempts. Young Levori had several laceration scars in his little body cause by all this past “ incidents” and his right eye blind after he remained 27 hours face down in the frozen woods. The black horse was found poisoned in the family's stable and Priotcia managed to smash his head using the horses horseshoe and bled to death an hour later. His father and siblings found the body 3 hours later. The family gave up hope on him several months ago after his 25th suicide attempt. Priotcias legacy wasn't over that day. It was only the beginning.§ 

The Proyect is in progress. My goal is to publish a small book about Priotcia and his legacy and to produce the prototype as a vinyl figure