Asked to produce a version of Dr Who Series 6 for the US market my main challenge was to re-version the look and feel to successfully tie in with an independent US advertising campaign. [Concept/Design/Production]
Linkedin Recommendation from Paul Augustine, Associate Vice President, Product Management at BBC Worldwide Americas
Martin is an outstanding designer, talented, creative, and innovative. He brings professionalism and panache to all his work, but one project in particular stands out from his time at 2entertain. He did the designs for our "Torchwood Complete Original UK Series," a 14-disc box set for release in the U.S. We used a book-style package with lots of pages that needed to be filled with innovative and eye-catching design work, and Martin was given a nearly impossible time frame in which to work. He rose to the challenge and gave us designs that will make the project a showcase for us, while meeting all our deadlines in the process. We were very fortunate to have Martin on board to do the designs, and I cannot recommend him highly enough.
May 26, 2011, Paul worked with Martin at BBC Worldwide