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BOSTON GLOBE Sports Cover 2013 Stanley Cup Finals

Sport Illustration, made for Boston Globe - Art Director, Luke Knox-
The request was to have a hockey scene inside an arena (the old Boston Garden), with one player from the Boston Bruins competing against one from the Chicago Blackhawks. They wanted also to have them be current boston player Zdeno Chara and current Chicago player Jonathan Toews, but  playing in their team's jerseys and equipment from the 1940s or 1950s ... Basically a vintage scene  but with recognizable faces from today on the two players.

I did 4 sketches:
#0 and #1 are very dinamic, should give the idea of the velocity and ability. Also the background  is skewed to emphasize this concept.
#2 and # 3 are two kind of "face off". I like this such powerful moment, when the players seem to be frozen but with tense nerves.
Bodies are stylized and emphasized  to better express the power the players.
Players faces and vintage equipment are, for now, only roughed.
Background will show a hint of  crowd.
The favorite was sketch #2, the faceoff one with Chara on the left and Toews on the right.  They choosed it because it conveys a real sense of excitement and anticipation. They liked the  angle too, a low angle looking up and making them seem larger than life and appreciated also the  Boston Garden background without  too much details.
The final artwork
BOSTON GLOBE Sports Cover 2013 Stanley Cup Finals

BOSTON GLOBE Sports Cover 2013 Stanley Cup Finals

2013 Stanley Cup finals Boston Globe sports cover edition.