Kotex | Overnight
The Brief

The narrative around periods is changing but so many of the practicalities remain the same. As women, we all want to feel confident during our cycle and part of feeling confident is getting the rest we need. There are times though when even the most confident of us are hit with the insidious thoughts that creep in when we’re alone.

We get to meet our hero as a barrage of negative thoughts and opinions on her period overwhelm her just before bed. We see this visually in a visual feast in the form of a modern mixed media treatment.

We see her hit with a barrage of messages that come at her in a variety of ways. This barrage is represented by illustrated elements and mouths that sit over the picture that interact with her. A visual mash-up of Gen-Z and popular culture imagery that involves or evokes mouths become a mixed media treatment that feels as varied as the messages and stigma are. It comes at her from everywhere. It’s not bound by any rules the same way her imagination and creativity aren’t bound by rules.
The brand comes in as the antidote just as the chatter reaches a peak. Our hero looks outside her window and a star in the night sky seems to twinkle at her.

Creative Director
Colin O’Mara Davis

Jess Lupton

VFX Supervisor
Sebastian Burger

Arcade Content Johannesburg

Alexa Wilson 

Executive Producer 
Colin Howard 

Will Nicholson 

Line Producer 
Devi Lazanas 

Production Co-ordinator 
Anjé van Zyl

Ogilvy South Africa

Executive Creative Director 
Peter Little

Creative Director 
Peet Engelbrech

Art Director 
Rabatho Laka

Audrey Nyamucherera

O25 Graduate 
Ebrahim Omar

Snr. Integrated Producer 
Zonke Mkhonto

Group Account Director 
Janine Wessels
Kotex | Overnight