• Our 2014 mutant vehicle will be an ancient
    Chinese mythological creature called Bixi.
         Our vision for this year is to bring to life a Bixi, an ancient mythological creature, at Burning Man 2014. With the body of a tortoise and the head of a dragon, Bixi is the first-born son of the great dragon of china.
         Bixi is said to be able to carry great weights. Statues and sculptures of Bixi can be found at the Silk Road terminals in Xian and Beijing. It is mainly found at the bottom of building pillars to signify their massive strength and their ability to carry great weights. With this year’s theme being Caravansary, we thought what better creature to build than one who can hold massive weigh, found at the beginning of the Silk Road.
         Bixi will be a rolling “Caravansary”: a sanction of comfort, able to host more than 100 people to take them on great desert escapades. We’re ready to create a beautiful piece as a contribution to the Burning Man festival, as well as the perfect venue for our playa caravans.
         We invite you to be a part of our project and experience this year’s Burning Man Festival on Bixi, as well as those to come.

         We’re taking a Johnson tomato harvester and transforming it into a desert-roaming Bixi. An 18-foot dome atop the harvester will resemble a tortoise shell, and we’ll build an amazing dragon’s head that will have up-and-down and side-to-side mobility. 
         Inside the hexa-pent dome structure will be three plattforms at two different levels with a safety railing to hold more than 100 participants. The driving controls will be at the highest level, 15 feet off the ground, sitting almost right on top of the shell. From here is where we’ll do our steering, giving our drivers a clear view of their path.
    At night, the shell of the Bixi will be outlined and illuminated with 1,000 feet of flex LED strips using 23,000 LEDs. The dragon’s face will have high-powered lights for the eyes and a lot more LEDs to make it the focal part of the art car. We’ll also have lasers pointing up from the top of the shell to make us an easy target at the Playa for those who might be looking for us.
         The vehicle’s entry level will have comfortable benches making it easy for those Playa walkers to catch a ride and get some rest. Our main deck will be a place for good times and dance parties. No sittin’ here! =]

    The creation of this project from inception to development is a collaborative effort. By donating, you’ll be helping the artists, fabricators and friends putting their all to make Bixi a reality.
    The funds for this Kickstarter will go specifically to:
    *Material cost only!! All of our hard work is our GIFT to you*
    -- Building the steel dome atop the tomato harvester
    -- Dragon’s head
    -- Lighting
    -- Sound
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