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2021 Affinity Building campaign | Portfolio

2021 Affinity Building campaign | Portfolio
KU Marketing’s Affinity Building campaign was designed to raise awareness of KU in 6th through 11th graders, laying the foundation for future applications when senior year rolls around. 
Students are often in the “search” phase of their college decision process before their senior year. During their sophomore or junior year is typically when they'll narrow the list and decide which schools to apply to. This piece aims to give students a high-level look at KU, while addressing concerns specific to their place in the college search process; like academic programs, campus life, and scholarships. We also address what these younger students can do now, before they’re able to apply to KU.
Beyond those concerns in their college search, students want to hear about student experiences and appreciate authenticity. The ads, :15 to :30 second spots and HTML5 display ads, feature KU students talking to their experience. Several were deployed to meet where students are; on gaming platforms and streaming platforms, like Twitch. The ads reflect the exuberance and energy each student brings to their account.

We were able to use digital ads for the first time for this audience, as a part of our affinity building campaign, and grow an inquiry pool interested in KU. 

Since this audience can’t apply yet, these younger students struggle to define next steps. The ads point toward a landing page that contains a short request-for-info form to get them added to a mailing list, which helps to define what they might do next.
:30 second spot ad
:30 second spot ad
The results: Facebook/Instagram drove the most impressions and clicks, with paid search driving the highest click through rate and the most form fills. Boosted organic posts had some of the highest engagement, but evergreen carousels drove the most conversions.
Art Director: Audra Kenton
Strategist: Caroline Slavin
Graphic Designer: Bhroovi Gupta
Creative Directors: Dave Gnojek (design) and Deb Graber (copy)
Copy Writer: Justin Wheatley
Editor: Lois Sierra
Photographers: Andy White and Meg Kumin
Motion Designer: Trevor Mowry
Videographer: Andrew Lee
Digital Media Director: Tim Seley
Social Content Manager: Bita Porubsky
2021 Affinity Building campaign | Portfolio

2021 Affinity Building campaign | Portfolio

This campaign is to build affinity with students between 6th and 11th grade and to help them start thinking about college. The landing page conta Read More