Team Reveals 12th Team Project
                                Team Reveals 12th Team Project 'A Dedication'

For this 12th Team Project the artists were asked to create a work dedicated to someone or something that they love... something that is important to them. 

I would like to thank you all for amazing support and for making this project possible!

The artists who participated in this project are from : USA, Japan, UK, Hungary, Colombia, Russian Federation, Portugal, Spain, Denmark, Romania and China.

Artist : DigitalArtist John

Title : A Dedication....

Description : Dedicated to all of the artists here on Behance who create and share their art with us.
You are all inspiring.
To all of you who create from your heart and share with us many deep feelings and emotions, your sharing unites us as Human Beings and shows us that we are not alone.

Tools : Digital Camera, Adobe Photoshop, Pen Tablet.

Artist : Melissa Shawnee

Title : I will miss the flowers most.

Description : This, as most of my work, is a dedication to nature. I feel a deep connection to our environment, and ache with helplessness as we witness the slow, and painful loss of it all.

Artist : Esperanza Manzanera Velmock

Description : After thinking a lot about it, I concluded the most important in my life is life itself.

Artist : Caroline Bergstrom Scheibel

Description : 
This song inspired me to make this little artwork. It’s about just being alive, present and try to forget all the troubles in the world. We have to stop for a second and breathe. We are so full of troubles and turmoil. The cure is to dream. To have a dedication for expression.

Dreams that I dream, you have given flesh 
In my saddest times, you offered caress 
In my darkest moments you reminded me I am blessed 
When I am at my lowest you scaled me to the crest
Artist : Magdalena Munro

These Things, Magdalena Munro, 24 July 2022

Thick strands
of grass,
fan the things that
hide within:
bundles of
booming colors ignite
a sleepy spirit
a boy hides
like a toy sentry
beneath the density
of a yellow sky
nature is a full wallet
rich hearts, teeming in the
cubs, quiet dogs,
a hummingbird, alone,
the thin tilt of a
mushroom, butterflies with
injured wings,
lines of flight,
skewed life,
their life,
I love.
Artist : Monica Quijano L.

"Psalm 121". A dedication to the Elder(s).
(6 years now from the Word received

And the mirrors we are, foggy, hazy,
blind repetitions of Other's suffering /
joy... Wishing it to be sincere. )

This is an exercise with all the images that have lived in between my head and heart since I can remember. What I personally call "family",
as a multiperspective in feeling, loving, living and dying, more than a sociocultural functional association. It contains the voices, either
sound or dumb of people who have shared a located spacetime path with me, and the imaginary ones. It contains the song I treasure.
It contains The Voice... and the cheerful gratitude to the caring spirits who allow this sharing, here specially dear John, who created this marvellous invitation to create and share!
Artist : Monica Quijano L.

Title: Adama
Achiote, tempera and oil on canvas stretched and primed on a door
Size: 90x185cm
Artist : Viktoria Kovats

Title : Creativity

Description :  I dedicated my work for Creativity, what means for me the whole world, and it is my energy source, it keeps me alive and give me hope and light and maybe for most of the Artists too.
Artist : Tanya Tkacheva

Title : 12 Months Mystery

Description : In my work, I use myths and fairy tales of European, Slavic culture dedicated to witches. Who is a witch? Witch - "one who knows." Every woman has a little witch. Whatever religion, culture and faith it may be, the ability to listen to your intuition and even unconsciously use the power of the elements to achieve your goal - this manifests itself almost from birth. This is the spiritual, deep essence of every woman.” In the picture, 12 months is the feminine aspect of magic and sorcery. Each month presents its magic, symbol and mythology.
Artist : Ash Marnich

Description : I chose to depict my great love for nature and spending time outdoors. It has been my stress relief, brought me comfort, and given me joy.
Artist : Knysh Ksenya

Title : Mother Nature

Artist : Teodora Oniceanu

Title : Sabine

Description : 
"Sharing experience can help to better days; working with the experience one has and helping to a better world, makes heroes happen; making things happen for the better days is what makes a hero the winner.
My contribution to this 12th Team Project is entitled Sabine with a reference to the Sabines legend and the chances either fantasy or beliefs give to selected souls to make a life (or an after life?) truly valuable. Through this showcase I wish to propose a carry on with loads of shaded, perhaps frightening, darkness put under the spotlight meant to create the necessary contrasts for shadows to eventually reveal their real guise. It is a story to be told behind all of this, in words, images and sounds that establish boundaries and make the expression of progress through different types of settings and set-ups." 

Tools used: Ink Pens and Paper, Photo Camera, Adobe Illustrator brushes and effects, iMovie and GarageBand

Artist : Carla Maciel

Title : Poetry of Matter 

Technique: Mixed Media

Materials: Acrylic ink, color pencils, alcohol, water, soap, straws, pens, glass varnish, wood, canvas, cardboard, flashlight

About this project:

Bubbles are delicate, beautiful and, in an instant, they are gone. Just like the best moments in life.
Doesn’t matter their shape, form or color, I am always mesmerized by them.
Watching the bubbles react with the materials in unpredictable ways adds a kind of magical feeling to the process, where the chaos of materials, and textures were able to find balance and create something unique and that cannot be reproduced in the same way.

At each breath I took through the straws, a world of possibilities was open, and photography allowed me to capture these compositions that took a few seconds to fall apart and disappear.
I love experimenting with the materials, without knowing the final result. Creating by the sake of creation itself. To my own pleasure.
Making art can’t stop being interesting, surprising or even fun for the artists. And, sometimes, our inner child is right there, waiting to take over the constant overthinking and let the process present us with unimaginable moments of surprising changes, transitions and pure joy.

Artist : Uncle Ray

Title : Love

Description : 
The idea inspired by popular "LOVE" gesture, the theme “Great LOVE" with Chinese  calligraphy and seal blends, Tibetan “LOVE" in below.
The work is developed for a charity action years ago, to support a kid from primary school to middle school total 6 years in developing area in South China, I hope people try their best to contribute for someone need help with LOVE around the world, as what you did.

Artist : Fury Lotus

Title : Whatever it Takes

Thank you all!
Team Reveals 12th Team Project