FF1 AR helmet
Industrial Design

FF1 is a full face AR smart helmet for motorcycles designed for Datechniq. The embedded augmented reality system allows riders to safely view information through the AR window. Just like the OF1 helmet model under the same product lineup, FF1 contains audio speakers and microphones for an integrated wireless communication experience.

As a continued collaboration with Datechniq, FF1 has been designed for consumers who enjoy touring or high speed riding, delivering a convenient technology experience in a market that hasn’t seen a lot of innovation. The helmet’s safety features and comfort have been maintained while seamlessly incorporating the AR display and window modules. Datechniq’s identity is elevated into a sleek design that blends with the high tech details to express a premium and confident presence.

Project / FF1
Client / Datechniq
Category / AR helmet
Date / 2021

FF1 AR helmet
Multiple Owners
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