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    Worldbarrow is an innovation project that I did during my time at Designit in cooperation with IBIS and Ravendo.
Worldbarrow is an innovation project that I did during my time at Designit in cooperation with IBIS and Ravendo.
Worldbarrow is a robust, cheap, workable and foldable wheelbarrow to African farmers to strengthen agricultural production and ease the farm workload.
20 Worldbarrows are currently being tested by cocoa farmers in Amamkwakrom, Brong Ahafo in the Eastern Ghana in cooperation with IBIS Ghana and with funding from Finn Hjersing WOW.
Worldbarrow is constructed to be durable and cheap, the wheelbarrow consists of a frame made of two strong and bended steel tubes going all the way from the handle and down to the wheel and two cross bars also made of steel tubes. The steel tubes are mounted directly to the axle. Opposite the wheel the steel tubes are bent to form a handle and at the same time create distance to the ground. 
The wheelbarrow is easy and cheap to produce and repair. It has a number of user-friendly advantages: Low weight, low height when loading, it does not tip over and is easy to drive in difficult terrain. A disadvantage is that you carry more of the weight compared with normal wheelbarrows, but this is partly compensated by the construction. However, it is not ideal to move very heavy loads.
The Worldbarrow can, without tools, and within a minute, be folded by loosening the two large wing nuts on each side of the axle and dismounting the two cross bars. This makes the wheelbarrow foldable and easy to store and transport. 
Presenning and is protected by design protection and utility model protection in Denmark and Europe. In Africa it is an "open source" wheelbarrow intended to be copied and produced locally. 
Read more on www.worldbarrow.dk