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Freyja Coffee Tables by NOOM

Gently rounded coffee tables “Freyja” created as an homage to femininity and natural beauty.
These sculptural and sensual tables, named after Freyja, a Scandinavian goddess of love, beauty, and fertility, are designed to evoke a sense of warmth, coziness, and tranquility.
The aspiration was to create a very simple but at the same time bold form that would charm from every angle and adds a welcoming feel to any space.
As a working material wood has been chosen for a number of reasons; it is a warm, soft, and tactile material that enhances the visual perception of the table's sculptural silhouette and immediately brings a feeling of homeliness to the interior.
The table is available in three heights and can be finished in a number of woods to ensure it can be used in any space.

Materials: Ashwood, Walnut, Thermo Ash, Thermo Oak
Colors for ashwood: Black stained, Brown stained, Natural
Dimensions: H 44 cm, Ø 40 cm; H 37 cm, Ø 48 cm; H 30 cm, Ø 44 cm

Designed by Kateryna Sokolova
Produced by NOOM
Download: 3D models & Press kit
Photos: KrasivoGroup

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Freyja Coffee Tables by NOOM
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