An evidence-based approach from your pocket-sized coach.
Built hand in hand with Canadian researchers, HealtheSteps is designed to give users everything they need to get more active – a built-in fitness test, personalized exercise prescription, goals, heart rate monitor and a virtual coach to keep you pm track. By tackling factors leading to chronic disease: physical inactivity, sedentary behaviour, and poor eating habits, HealtheSteps makes lifestyle improvements, one step at a time.

Partnering with the HealtheSteps™ team, we translated this highly evidence-based program into app form breaking it down into intricate user flows and building it out step by step. Throughout the design/build workflow, high-fidelity previews allowed for adjustments midstream and helped the team understand how each of its tools would function before going public.

We all need a boost once in a while, and HealtheSteps™ is organized around virtual coaches as you become the main partner in prescribing lifestyle changes and strategies that are right for you. These small changes are shown to have a big impact and after multiple review panels and further revisions to ensure we tailored to this model effectively, our team of coaches were ready for their big debut.

All in all, this new app experience really became the next evolution of the HealtheSteps™ program itself - harnessing new tech to pull participants into deeper levels of engagement, better serving those in remote areas and opening up accessibility nationwide.

HealtheSteps App