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The Breakfast Krakken

Digital & Analog

I did this drawing of an octopus breakfast eating kid when I did some art work for Le Kock 
It's on one of their walls. I did some sketches and stuff and it was born at their place.

Later in the week, I did an outline drawing on a big piece of thick paper. Then it waited for almost 3 years, until I had a summer vacation with a broken car.

The only thing was to finish the drawing and redraw it digitally.

So here they are
Krakken is not to be confused with Kraken.
Krakken is a wordplay from the Icelandic word :
Krakki = Kid.
then splined together with the Kraken.
And now I am just waiting for the t-shirt.
Enjoy your breakfast.
The Breakfast Krakken

The Breakfast Krakken


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