15 Flash games - monsters, kung-fu, nude apes!

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  • That was a massive order that included drawing and creating the animations for 15 games. These were
    the crucial part of the contest in which you could win a trip around the world (plus some gadgets in weekly
    mini finals). The idea of the contest was to visit 18 capitals of the cities in the world, play games and do quizes related to the specific location. The whole thing was even more exciting owing to the developed points and bonuses scoring system and the list of leaders updated on the spot. The games' engines, interfaces and
    the sound were provided by GONG. My task was to design the adequate graphics, animate the movable elements and draw a static banner for each game. The banner was supposed to provide a detailed presentation of a given capital city. I also drew the main map of the game, along with a pair of tourists,
    used as the key identification motive of the contest. I've always dreamt to get a job of this kind.
  • Beijing - Fists of Knorr
  • Just like in arcade games, but no coins needed! Fast, strong and unstopable hero is standing against fast, strong and unstopable foes. Who will stop who?

  • Some of in-game objects
  • Tokyo - Na-Bo-Ki Attack

  • Nothing to see, move along. Who is interested in giant monster running on the streets of Tokyo and destroying everything on its path anyway?
  • Some of in-game objects
  • Istanbul - River Rafting

  • "By the rivers of Istanbul, there we sat down...". Not much sitting here, tho. Lot of paddling is required. Bring you best helmet - rocks ahead!
  • Some of in-game objects

  • Chihuaua - Late Night Tourists
  • Walking in the moonlight, enjoing cooling air with few friends...NEAT! Did i mentioned helicopters, guard towers and deadly desert?
  • Some of in-game objects

  • Kingston - Jamaica Bobsled
  • Pimp my bobsled! Slide without ice or even snow! Beware of obstacles and green grass- stay focused!
  • Some of in-game objects

  • Los Angeles - Paper Boy

  • American suburbs are not the safest place on Earth if you are a paper boy. If you want to earn money for next cool gizmo better push the pedals, boy!
  • Some of in-game objects

  • New York - Night Race
  • In the middle of the night starts the Split Second Challenge. Be fast and be a winner.
  • Some of in-game objects

  • Naples - Target Practice
  • You have unlimited amount of bullets but they have unlimited amount of little girls and big mobsters.
  • Some of in-game objects

  • Delhi - Hot Road
  • Welcome stranger! You want to buy some fruits, you say? Easy-peasy, sir - it`s just across that road and a river. Then a road and a river and a road and...
  • Some of in-game objects

  • Moscow - Matryoshka Hunter
  • Russian super special commando dude armed with heavy duty military bag versus hordes of cheerful matryoshkas. Horror!
  • Some of in-game objects

  • Sydney - Pearl Diver
  • Tanned surfers, high waves and girls in bikinis. Nothing like that can be found in this game. Underwater treasures and dangers, struggling for life with sharks and lungs capacity.
  • Some of in-game objects

  • Barcelona - Tomato Fight
  • Beautiful, juicy tomatoes. Grown it the hot sun of Spain. Sweet like lips of lover. And it goes
  • Some of in-game objects

  • Rio de Janeiro - Football Juggling
  • Master football juggling, make combos and see samba dancer dancing among the monkeys! It is bananas!
  • Some of in-game objects

  • Paris - Bocce a la Paris
  • Got some balls, oui? Remember, monsieur: nobody messes with Jean-Pierre! I'll take your baguette away from you, and smash it `til it goes 'click'.
  • Some of in-game objects

  • Warsaw - Ski Jump
  • It`s the summer in the city the city - it`s just you and the gravity!
  • Some of in-game objects
  • Check out this project on my webpage Robotata`s portfolio or on Vimeo: Robotata on Vimeo.
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