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    A self promotional profile
The client
School project

The project
Create your own profile to brand yourself.

The result
The concept behind my profile is that I'm a poor student without money to print a stunning portfolio. So I decided to focus on cheap and easy solutions to brand myself.

To bring out the "poor feeling" I made as much as possible in b/w, as it's cheaper to print. To make the profile a bit more exiting I decided to print on coloured cardboard.
Instead of printing alot of business cards I got hold of a rubber stamp. The DIY-feeling ties the concept together.

My symbol, the black circle, symbolize that I strive to make holistic designs. it also resembles three of my favourite things in life; music (a vinyl or a CD), coffe (a coffe mug seen from above) and football (last time I checked, a football was circular).

Colours and fonts are based on my own personal taste. As my strongest fields within graphic design is typography and details, I've focused on this for my own profile. This, together with a clean and tight design, makes a perfect profile for Jostein S. Henriksen.
The CV and the application
The do-it-yourself business card
An overview of the process of making the business cards
A booklet about myself and my interests
The CD sleeve
A sample portfolio. Each sleeve contains a booklet presenting a project
An overview of the sample portfolio
Giveaway. Including the folder about myself, some works from my portfolio and a CD with a CV, an application and a complete portfolio as a PDF-file