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    Personal project -2014
The term “Flagship device” is used to describe the most premium phone in a product portfolio. 
This is a slightly odd reference to the largest, fastest or most heavily armed warship in a fleet. 
It does however often fit these devices since they tend to have a selection of the most powerful 
components, biggest screens, highest resolutions and most megapixels. All cramped into a razor thin shell. 
Snow White is designed as a concept-device in Sony mobiles product portfolio.
It is designed to fit in with the Sony brand of products although it is possitioned outside the Xperia smartphone range. 
Sony design language
Frame iterations
Project Snow White - End result
Keeping in-line with Sony’s “omni-balance” design-language.
- Beautifully crafted aluminium frame.
- Full glass front and back.
- Screen that never turns black.
- Transparent notification bar.
By using PDLC (Polymer dispersed liquid crystal devices) the outer layer of the glass turns to an opaque white when the screen is turned off. 
This transition from transparent to opaque is perfectly synced with the screen so that it never reveals it’s dark off-state that have come to define the appareance of smartphones 
The trasparent bar at the bottom of the phone displays notifications, time and other info when the mainscreen is turned off. 
The main speaker is hidden in the split between the notification display and the back-cover. Because of the transparent properties of this display the outlet becomes almost invisible.
The distinct solid aluminum power button really stands out as one of the key features of the design.  
Snow White
About this project: 
- This concept was made as a self initiated project.
- This is a fictional concept and does not reflect the views and opinions of Sony Mobile or their employees.
- All models have been modeled in SolidWorks and rendered in Keyshot. 
© Victor Johansson