Adopting Cryptocurrency in iGaming
Cryptocurrency has existed in many industries for quite some time, but it is undoubtedly eye gaming, one of the most affected industries. As soon as cryptocurrency appeared, online casinos began to think about how to implement it in the payment system.

Although Bitcoin took over the world in a storm, it didn't take long for many other codes to come forward. So naturally, casinos accepted this, which is why we now have many TRON casinos, bitcoin casinos, Ethereum casinos, and even dogecoin casinos available to players all over the world.

Why did online casinos introduce cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency and online gambling are a match made in heaven. Since many people do not realize this, they question the fast acceptance of cryptocurrency in online casinos.
Some gamblers have difficulty gambling in online casinos because many countries around the world are trying to limit casinos. If such countries lack online gambling laws, the government will make it harder for players to gamble online.

America is a good example. The government has even persuaded card companies and banks to ban online gambling-related transactions. Other governments do similar things, but they even punish players for finding and playing.

Thankfully, the latter is rare, but the first one is not. But where does the code come from in all of this? Well, it solves two problems effectively. Cryptocurrency payments can keep you almost completely anonymous because banks or countries do not manage cryptocurrency. In other words, cryptocurrency is distributed.

This makes it easier for players to pay at online casinos without worrying about noisy governments and banks blocking transactions.

The online gambling industry is already using it for its own benefit, and it works both ways. This is because the casino industry has realized early on what potential lies in the cryptocurrency world, and because of this, many online casinos have adopted cryptocurrency as a payment method almost immediately.

The turbulent history of cryptocurrency gambling

Cryptocurrency and online gambling first joined forces in 2011. At that time, SwitchPoker, a popular poker gambling site, began offering Bitcoin as a payment option. After that, many online casinos, poker rooms, and sports books followed.

One of the most notable adopters of ciphers was Satoshi Dais, which became extremely popular right after its release. It once accounted for half of the world's bitcoin transactions.
Unfortunately, not all of this was good news. In the early days, a site called JustDice succeeded in losing more than a thousand bitcoins. As a result, trust in cryptocurrency gambling has fallen significantly.

However, this has also had positive results. It caused an increase in online casino security. Also, licenses became much more important, and it didn't take long for the first cryptocurrency casino to get an eye gaming license. This has been obtained the Curacao certificate in 2014.

Around the same time, other cryptos began to locate them in online casinos. Bitcoin was alone until that point, but it was followed by Bitcoin Cash, Light Coin, Tron, Z Cash, Dodge Coin, Monero, Ethereum, and Dash.

Years later, you can find hundreds of online casinos that use one or more of these cryptocurrencies.

Benefits of Crypto Gambling over Fiat Gambling
Crypto gambling is undoubtedly valuable to players who cannot use credit cards. But gambling is better than good gambling for a few reasons.

Highly Improved Privacy — You do not need to add bank details and personal information associated with your bank account.

Fee reduction—Most cryptocurrencies have extremely low or no fees at all.

Faster transactions — Password transactions are not as distributed as feat transactions, but are much faster, especially when cashing in.

More rewarding bonuses—encryption bonuses are always better and more profitable because casinos spend less than regular bonuses.

Lower bound—Because password gambling is more profitable, password casinos often have lower bound for most games. So you can lower your advantage.

The bottom line

Crypto plays an important role in online gambling and is an important alliance between online casinos and more important players. With encryption, transactions on gambling sites are faster, easier, more convenient, and more secure.

Cryptocurrency gambling has made great progress since its early days, and I am confident that this practice will continue to expand and improve, benefiting all players around the world.

Adopting Cryptocurrency in iGaming

Adopting Cryptocurrency in iGaming


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