Kampion • The Defenders
Kampion is a football card game with beautiful artwork by worldwide artists.
It's a collaborative effort and an homage to the beautiful game. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.
Kampion is a project by Lourenço Cunha + over 200 talented illustrators from all corners of the world! 
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Go ahead... enjoy:
Artigas by Thiago Ramon Grizilli (Americana, Brazil)
Augustus by Davide Barco (Milan, Italy)
Bach by Maria Perera (Gijón, Spain)
Baudouin by Martin Bowyer (Aalborg, Denmark)
Beethoven by Kako (São Paulo, Brazil)
Buarque by Danilo Limas (São Paulo, Brazil)
Caetano by José Marconi (Curitiba, Brazil)
Darwin by Brandon Williams (Orlando, USA)
De Klerk by Philipe Coutinho (São Paulo, Brazil)
Descartes by Lizanne Visser (Johannesburg, South Africa)
De Vega by Anastazi Li (Orsha, Belarus)
Faraday by Jian (Taipei, Taiwan)
Hendrix by Kevin Hauff (Lytham, UK)
Hopkins by Faddy Ravydera (Jakarta, Indonesia)
Iceberg by Mr. Lemonade (Leon, Mexico)
Ivanhoe by Jennifer Farley (Bratislava, Ireland)
Jagic by Gerardo Martinez (León, Mexico)
Kepler by Caterina Baldi (Pesaro, Italy)
Lovecraft by HABBENINK (Salt Lake City, USA)
Machiavelli by Sebastian Gomez De La Torre (Houston, USA)
Marconi by Ian D. Marsden (Switzerland / France / USA)
MacBride by Valery Matyukhin (Novosibirsk, Russia)
Neruda by Donough O'Malley (Dublin, Ireland)
Perón by Nicolás Sarmiento (San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina)
Sartre by Keefer Charneau (New York, USA)
Strong by Chris Bishop (Washington DC, USA)
Thatcher by Marcin Siwek (Warsaw, Poland)
Ukko by Olli-Pekka Jauhiainen (Helsinki, Finland)
Verissimo by Krishnanda Adipurba (Ubud, Indonesia)
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Kampion • The Defenders

Kampion • The Defenders

Kampion Card Game is a collaborative effort and an homage to the beautiful game. It's a playable art gallery!