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    Art Deco style rig photographs of vintage racing cars, Bugatti, Bentley, MG by Christian Powell photographer
Vintage Motors

This set of images came about through being a; a professional photographer and b: a complete vintage nut!

The idea was to capture those smashing old Art Deco posters of the 1920's & 30's. I wanted to put across that gorgeous sense of mechanical and natural movement which truly brings the excitement of these spiffing old beauties to life. The motion and perspective had to work together, so the amount of movement and the length of exposure has to be matched perfectly. The composition was very important to encapsulate the subject and give it distance and destination. The images are shot using a boom arm to make the camera at one with the moving object but I was very careful to make sure that the images worked in one shot to give them a complete sense of reality. I like to keep retouching to a bare minimum and generally only remove the boom arm from the picture. This is very much an ongoing project so hope to add images reguarly.