Zero Waste
Motion Graphics
Inspiration and passion drives a lot of the internal work that we do at TheLittleLabs. This explainer video was born out of conversations we were having about our environment and how even though over the course of the pandemic pollution levels decreased but the amount of waste created has exponentially risen. As consumers we always find ourselves in a rock and hard place where no matter what choice we go with it seems like we end up hurting the environment one way or the other.

Here at TheLittleLabs we wanted to explore this conundrum and share some ideas on how as a consumer we can try to deal with these feelings. We did what we know to do best, create an animation to help spread that message.

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Directed By : Aradhana Modi Bejarano 
Producer : Tola Rogalski 
Written by : Joshua Shayne 
Design : Ira Rachynska, Barbara Nozari, Ana Hill
Animation : Carlos Rueda, Jose Neto 
Music : Marmoset 
Sound Design : Brandon Okumura 
Voice Over : Krysta Gonzales
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Zero Waste
Multiple Owners
TheLittleLabs Studio