OMG! Brand Identity for Whipped Cream

OMG! It's Dairy Free!​​​​​​

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You stop craving that glass of milk, you get used to eating your bagels without the big chunks of cream cheese... you don't even shed tears on the chocolate truffles. That just never will be. But what turns on is the little joys. And nothing turns you on like the perfect whirlwind of whipped cream on your dessert that will maximize your stomach's enjoyment. For most, it's the soothing sizzle of a jar of whipped cream, this little swirling cushion of airy kindness, a gift from the gods of sweetness. But for you, this hiss turns into a convulsive gurgle and joy becomes a feeling of guilt, shame or agony...

But all this until you discover OMG, a collection of incredibly delicious, lactose-free, vegetarian and kosher foods that will bring back that little joy in the life of a food-restricted sweet tooth around the world.

Say it with me now: For us. At Last. OMG!

OMG is a brand of lactose-free whipped cream created and manufactured in the USA, formerly known as Smackin Whip. The company's goal was simple: to provide delicious, dairy-free, vegan, kosher alternatives to traditional, food-limited sweet tooth desserts that retain the look and feel of traditional desserts. Simply put, the mission of the company is to give people a holiday and bring some goodies into their lives. We think that for people with dietary restrictions this is an emotional and festive event, and we do our best to convey these emotions in naming and packaging!

Our Task
With the help of identity and packaging design, convey the feeling of surprise and joy when a person finds delicious dairy-free desserts. Emphasize the proverbial name and create an authentic atmosphere of celebration wherever "OMG!" products appear. Moreover, we need to create a remarkable design that would stand out among competitors.

We started the creative process, initially studying the features of the product and the market, and conducted an analysis of competitors. This stage provided an answer to how the packaging might look so different from most competitors. We realized that many are talking about the product itself, but not talking about the sensations when you can finally afford to eat dairy products. This feeling sounds like, "OMG, It's dairy free!". And when you get a really delicious lactose-free product, it's like a gift from the gods. And we propose to celebrate this event with the help of our packaging.

We looked at several options for how we can convey the holiday feeling on the packaging. And we settled on a character who embodies the deity of celebration and taste. The idea for the characters was inspired by Indian masks, which were a symbol of deity worship. We didn’t want to give the character specific human or animal features, so we were looking for an abstract image that would be kind and cheerful, and reflect the essence of the deity. We selected the best of the options and adapted them for different tastes. For each taste, we have developed our own personal God "Soy God", "Almond God", "Coconut God".

Less Words! Let's celebrate!

Visit our website and look how we make so unique designs!

Oh, wait! Some more details
Our logo becomes the central element of the layout and complements the characters. The logo literally shouts "O! M! G! It's Dairy Free", as if the person has to say it with us. From it diverges a symmetrical texture, similar to sound waves and a swirl of whipped cream simultaneously. This way, it sets the character of the layout for the text, picked up by this whirlwind, diverges around the logo. The colors enhance the design and help to differentiate the flavors. They go well with each other. Such a mixture reproduces the holiday atmosphere right on the packaging, creating a very loud, dynamic and emotional design!

We want the celebration to continue in every aspect of the product: packaging, photography, outdoor and digital communications. Therefore, we use various tools to enhance this feeling. We try to bring design elements and characters to life with the help of 3D, animation, or AR filters.

Made in Kyiv, Ukraine by League Design Agency 

League Design Team
Team Leaders: Aleks Gusakov, Julia Zamiatina
Graphic Designers: Julia Zamiaitna, Vyacheslav Barladyan
Creative Project Manager: Julia Lysenko

Special Thanks
3D & Motion Design: Ping Studio, Pavel Prymachenko
Photography: Julia Vdovychenko 

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OMG! Brand Identity for Whipped Cream

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OMG! Brand Identity for Whipped Cream

OMG is a brand of lactose-free whipped cream created and manufactured in the USA, formerly known as Smackin Whip. The company's goal was simple: Read More