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"We will take care of unexpected" is the new headline of LawBon Solicitors, designed by be++er studio, together with a new brand strategy and a modern, timeless symbol.
The company specializes in providing services to entities from the maritime transport and insurance industry, and is located in southern Poland, close to the Baltic sea.

Scope of the work:

- Research
- Strategy
- Tone of Voice
- Communication design
- Brand Book
- Website design
- Offer template

The approach

The main role of solicitors is to be always ready to defend client's rights and their business.
Workshops with LawBon helped to understand how the business operates and together with their location were the main inspiration to lead the strategy and design process.

"Instead of designing identity with fancy buildings and people with suits that is extensively used, I wanted to create a brand that will tell a meaningful story" - Maciej Kupis, be++er designer.

The iceberg plays here the main role. Company is always prepared not only for what is expected as we can see looking at the top of the iceberg, but also for what is unseen - an unexpected.
The new symbol was designed to represent letters "L" and "B" but most important was to implement into it the iceberg.

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LawBon Branding + UI

LawBon Branding + UI