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    Achilles by Roger Space https://www.facebook.com/nbacomic

如果 Michael Jordan 是籃球場上萬能的宙斯,那 Kobe Bryant 就是那個帶點殘缺的半人半神 - 阿基里斯。2013年4月,洛杉磯恆久的勇士倒下了,Kobe 的阿基里斯腱斷裂,宛如被箭射中腳跟的古希臘勇士阿基里斯,這次他的腳步,就快要追不上那個被稱為神的男人了。這是只差一冠的殘缺,殘缺的神。


If Michael Jordan is considered the All-Mighty Zeus of basketball, then Kobe Bryant would be Achilles, the semi-god who was slightly flawed. In April, 2013, the Los Angeles Laker’s constant warrior fell—Kobe Bryant tore his Achilles tendon. Like the ancient Greek warrior, Achilles, who was shot in the heel with an arrow, he was just about to catch up to the man deemed God himself. But all was to no avail. Missing one championship, he was doomed to be just a semi-god.
This was the result of Bryant’s ambition to lift his team’s losing game by using up every bit of his strength and effort. In the end, he stressed himself out and was badly hurt. It’s just as if his self (the giant Black Mamba) was trapping his ego (Kobe Bryant). His desire to win, and the pressure of playing against younger and talented opponents all clung tightly to his aging body. Time was ticking. Like always, Bryant used his supernatural will power to push back history’s closing gate. This battle shall continue to the day he truly falls down. That’s Kobe Bryant—Achilles—a warrior closest to becoming a god.

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