Creative Visualizer. I challenge  myself to interpret thoughts or emotions into color...a painting, a drawing, something to express what I may see, on the inside.
Music and Songwriting come natural to me, growing up with a family of various musical styles, artists, musicians, writers.  My family has always been quite expressive, gave me a strong foundation for being able to express what is inside and somehow put it outside, through various forms of art.
I tiptoe in Photography, I have an eye for it, but not necessarily a camera for it.
My lyrical styles range from dark, deviant and ambient, to intense, bluesy and loud. I play an acoustic guitar and perform in the Minneapolis-Twin Cities areas as well as various places across the Nation, when opportunity presents itself. I am also a Virtual Musician in the virtual realm of Second Life (tm), under the name JueL Resistance. I'm indie, original quite well received in the Second LIfe (tm) community, being one of the first Indie Musicians to hit the scene and circulate through the Second LIfe (tm) grid.
I sell my Original Art in the Virtual World, as well as MP3's of my songs.
I would say my strongest skill, is words, writing lyrics, poetry, short stories.
I would like to think I can always improve on any of the things that I find myself diving into, and am always at my best at that time.