Project Brief

AM-ARC is an architectural design and visualization studio. We have created their branding, UI/UX design, and website development. As a result, we were able to create a modern and minimal website with multiple features, such as architectural virtual reality tours and animations, for a studio that had high expectations.

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Designing a brand identity, logo, and type for AM-ARC was one of the first tasks of this project. The logo combines two words ( A + M ) as well as three signs ( Design + Building + 3D Visualization).

UI/UX Design

We have decided to use smooth scrolling to create a more appealing user experience as well as add some additional animation to the overall design. This feature was quite a perfect match for the rest of the website since their studio is also providing animation services.


Maintaining performance while creating complex animations is quite challenging using React, smooth scroll and Gsap together. Several custom animation codes were implemented in order to avoid memory leaks and achive the best performance possible.

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Website Design, UI/UX Design, Branding, and Web Development for AM-ARC Architectural Studio. Visit live project at