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Athenahealth - a health connection line
Hi folks!!! Finally i had the time to share with you this proj. 
I had the opportunity to work for Athenahealth with a team of director with a vision of connection. 
Everything start with the idea of develop an alphabet to write word :) 
The line icons are letters and when we combine the icons we create words.
Hope you enjoy it. It's a long long proj so thanks for your time! spread love! 
The agency animated it to made that super fluid and unique.
After creating all icons we start to develop the language. The connection language. 
Those are a series of adv made for Athena.
combing icons to create everytime a new word.
Some of the video maded by agency. 
After this first step we start a new chapter. With more adv. and more drawings. 
We also create a series of illustration that could be used in various field.
And we create also a dinamic series of portrait that they could combine in many different way to rappresent the key figure in Athenahealth.  
Share with everyone you want :) Thankssss for your time!!! 
Ciaoooooooo!!! :)

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Athenahealth - a health connection line

Athenahealth - a health connection line