Before you know a name, you learn to recognize a person by face and their acts. My very attempts to help you do this are the photographs displayed here. 
Signs of aging? She doesn't care, why do cosmetic companies care so much?
"Santosha!" Meaning: Happiness, in the language of Kannada. The expression of the boy and his name happen to be the same. 
Daniya, A two year old princess at the time this was shot. She forever shall be one too.
Can't stand the mic? You my boy, cannot be a stand up...
Unofficial tour guides are so much fun! And you don't have to pay them either...
I play all I want.
Fhu Fhu Fhu.. Su...!
Please please please Anish, I want a new profile picture.., Please...
Ooomph!! I know that pose is not easy to achieve..
What do I watch, the racetrack or her??
Contrast, In colors and expressions. Won me a first place at an inter-collegiate photography contest with the theme Contrast.
What are the odds, Alexander Grahambell put a bell in the phone and was deaf??
In the zone... Bharad from Culminant.
Standing like that, you do not need a t-shirt that says "SLAYER".
Thumbs up to forming a global economy, Harley Davidson.
Oh wait, I don't wanna drop the ball.
Crotch on fire, hidden dragon!
Don't try this at home...
Seriously buddy, there's no turning back now.
I brought the devil's horns into the church for you! I'm the best man ever!
You're next sweetheart.
The best man's job is pretty easy because the groom does not wear a long flowing gown.
Yes!! We're married!!
Feel like a king? There's your crown!
Ok, so you wanna be boiled or fried?
And, we will be the change!!!