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PosterÅrchive. Vol.01


AI art has taken the world by storm in recent months; so what can we do as designers?
We spent some time experimenting with MidJourney-generated posters over the last two weekends, traced back to the history of typography and graphic design, and all the way to the origin. Inspired by the aesthetics of poster designs from TM RSI SGM and thisisaposterarchive, we decided to try co-creation typography with AI.
It took us just a few hours to generate 300+ posters, and less than 2 days to manually modify and finish publishing the artwork.

We found an exciting phenomenon:
We may entering a whole new era - The Age of CO-CREATION
For us, it contains 3 meanings:
the co-creation of human & human,
the co-creation of AI & human,
and the co-creation of history & future.

In this rough experiment, the design is more about co-creation with AI, and a fusion of historical as well as futuristic design philosophy, based on some research on the classic and innovative poster design.
Whether it will become a new way of creation still remains to be studied.
So, look forward to our next experiment!


Thanks for Watching! 
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Special Thanks: Maxine.Q

PosterÅrchive. Vol.01

PosterÅrchive. Vol.01

Research and Experiment of Graphics & Typography.