Chanel Retail Store
Discover the Chanel woman within/ Final major project year 3
The concept was to create a sensory, motivational and aspirational journey for my user.With three key stages - try,buy and aspire - this journey of senses would lead her to discover the Chanel woman lying dormant within.The colours and finish of  Chanel’s iconic packaging were the catalysts for my design. 

The building is located in Southwark, London. It was originaly a railway bridge which formed part of a large viaduct.  There is visible evidence of large scale bombing, a legacy from WWI,adding to its unique character and history. Its numerous arches are an important historical aspect of the site and are at the core of the design. 
The surrounding area provides cheap food from its market stalls and the overall feeling of industrial rawness and necessity is wonderfully juxtaposed with the Chanel brand. 
Presentation Board/ The Concept
Presentation Board/ The Approach 
Presentation Board/ Focal Point 
Presentation Board/ The Retail Space
Presentation Board/ The Retail Journey
Perfume Display
Chanel clothes display 
Bag Display
Chanel Bar
Evening Approach