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apt. 25
Interior Design

Design - Maya Baklan
Type - residential
Location - Kyiv, Ukraine
Project Area - 130 sq.m.
Project year - 2021
Photo credits - Yevhenii Avramenko​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
This apartment is located in the center of Kyiv city in a building of the Stalin era. Previously, it was communal and has not seen repairs for many years.
The customers are a young couple working in the IT field with a lot of hobbies: cooking, sports, music, psychology. They love to spend time with friends and outdoors. What contributes to a large loggia with a sliding partition.
Details, seeming simplicity and comfort are the main components of this project.​​​​​​
After redevelopment, at 130 square meters there are: a spacious kitchen-living room, a bedroom with a wardrobe and a bathroom, a guest room, an entrance hall and a bathroom with a window. The apartment also has 2 open balconies. Ceiling height 3 meters.
The apartment is filled with light and air. The windows are large and look out on 2 sides of the building. We have applied many transformational elements in the design: the kitchen with an island can be completely isolated from the living room with a glass partition for intensive cooking; the wall between the living room and the large open balcony is a sliding accordion partition; the door between the living room and the guest room is a double door without a lintel. So, the rooms can be completely isolated or combined to the maximum into one volumetric space. That allows you to live many life scenarios in this apartment and makes it multipurpose.
All interior doors have glass fanlights, which gives even more light infiltration between the rooms.
The guest room most of the time is intended for privacy and favourite activities of the owners (music and yoga). The bedroom has a workspace.
All rooms have white walls and ceilings (except of the bedroom). In some places, the original brickwork of the house is visible, which we covered with chalk and matte lacquer, because after dismantling and opening the walls, it turned out that the brick was not such we expected and was in not very good condition. Not cheap and quality materials are a smart investment in timeless interiors.
One of the specialty of this apartment is the bathroom with a window and a free-standing bathtub.​​​​​​​
The finishing used a minimum amount of the materials to make the space look even more holistic and voluminous. Windows and internal doors - white wooden with fanlights. Oak parquet runs through all rooms without transitions.​​​​​​​
View of the bathroom. 
View of the hallway. 
This project is another example of timeless habitation from our studio. An example of gentle restoration of old hoses and returning to traditional methods. I really like it when people, during creating their homes, are not worried about how expensive and presentable it will look, but rely on their own feelings: on the naturalness and tactility of materials, on the durability and originality of objects, on the authenticity and memorability of details, on mood created by color combinations and different lighting scenarios. That is exactly what happened in this project.​​​​​​​

List of items and brands used in the project. 
Heating IRSAP and RETRO style wood floor Mafi.  Kitchen-living room: Kitchen Nobilia, pendants DCW editions, bar chairs propro furniture, dining table Ivan Chudov Furniture workshop, Pendant LZF Agatha Small Suspension Lamp, dining chairs - vintage market, sofa Interia, TV console Lansot, armchair &Tradition, carpet Svetoria. Bathroom: wall tile Equipe Artisan White, floor tile FMG Venice, bespoke washbasin cabinet according to designer's sketches, wall lamp Vibia Tempo, pendants near the mirror Nuura, heated towel rail Scaletta Tubes. Bedroom: bed Interia, bedside tables Pipe, wall lamps Marset Ginger, pendant Proplamp, textile Homeme, table and chair Ikea. Shower: wall and floor tile Equipe Art Nouveau, wall lamp Alouette Atelier Areti, mirror Ikea Stockholm, bespoke washbasin cabinet according to designer's sketches. Guest room: sofa Interia, shelfs, stool Ikea details &tradition, Ferm living. Hallway: floor tile Self Style Terrazzo, bench Ivan Chudov Furniture workshop, wardrobe Ikea, hooks HAY, pendants Nordlux. ​​​​​​​
apt. 25
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