Internet themed prints

Prints created for Next Gen Fest held in MAC Birmingham, April 2013. 

'Tumblr' was selected to be part of the exhibition, Much Beta, which offers free photocopying of the prints to show how the spread of information on the web dilutes the original message.

The inspirations of my submissions are my early days in the world wide web, and websites that let people express their creativity and individuality. 

I have not used Tumblr myself, but I know and felt the huge impact it had on young people and the younger generation. They are much more expressive than people of my age; whether what they are expressing are traditionally classed as 'good' or not.

The existence and rise of the website have changed, and more importantly, created many trends, concepts and views.


Completely opposite to Tumblr, Livejournal was the central point of my teenage years. On its communities, I had my music obsession, fandom, and graphics community. They shaped what I do now.

On this print I used my favourite colouring, texture and font from that period.