About the project:
The Archaeological Pieces Catalog is an application that shows a private collection of mexican's archaeological pieces through an interactive view where the user can appreciate with more detail a piece in the collection and also, view the piece from a 360º perspective.
About the application:
We made a Mobile and Web Application that shows a 360º view of the 40 most exclusive archeological pieces of Tecnologico de Monterrey University (ITESM) collection. The objective was to create a friendly and functional mobile/web application to give virtual access to a person  to appreciate in a detailed way an archeological piece inside the application.
The core of the application:
The application was made in HTML5, CSS, Javascript,  AJAX (JSON data) and jQuery.
My role:
I designed the graphic user interface, developed the prototype and build the web application for the final application and conducted usability tests to adapt the application according user feedback. Also:
- Created the full information architecture, interactions and UI of the application instituting a user-centered design (UCD) approach.
- Create detailed wireframes, user stories, mock-ups, and user flows, to effectively illustrate the functionality of the application and obtain information of the desired user flow of the app.
- Collaborated with the art team to make a 360º view (based on 32 photographies in different views of the object) of the archeological pieces.

Icon Design
Splash Screens
Screenshots from the App
Available in iTunes Store