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    Space themed, fun, desktop accessories
The Space Office range of desktop accessories is a growning set of useful objects around the theme of space. This was initially inspired by the fact that the marker pens that many designers use, resemble rockets or missiles. The speaker is designed to give the illusion that it has physically crashed into the desk.
The concepts shown below are 3D printed prototypes, and will be launched as products in the future. Further details about each item below.
Rocket Speaker and Pen Launcher ptotypes together. Both products would be available in a range of matching colours.
Speaker units are designed to provide high quality audio for personal use with computers/laptops/tablets etc. Unlike many personal speaker sets which are underpowered, each rocket will be active (have it's own amplifier) powering a 35w 8 ohm full range driver unit. USB power and audio, or Audio over 3.5mm jack and mains powered.
Many people do not realise the loss in quality when using mis-matched volumes, i.e. low volume level on PC but high level on external amplifier, and this can also damage hardware. Therefore, the speakers have no manual controls, with volume being adjusted by controls on input device (all portable devices and many desktop keyboards have external volume controls).
Speaker also designed to stand upright, to look like a regular rocket and provide a less directional sound.
Early 3D printed prototype of rocket speaker. This highlighted some significant assmebly problems.
Fully articulated design allows each cartridge to til, and swivel on the base.
Marker launcher designed to be used with the marker pens that many designers use, specifically Letraset ProMarkers, but can also be used with many other pens.
Pens are held in easily removeable 'cartridges'. Particularly useful for users with a large collection of markers - Often when using marker pens, only a range of one main colour (i.e. various shades of green) are required. Therefore users could have a cartridge for each range of colours.
Cartridges are easily removed by hand without tools.
First prototype of marker launcher. General concept stayed the same, but many small details were altered to vastly improve the design in various areas.