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    Selection of my favourite portraits completed for Arts Emergency.
If you’ve been following me for long then you’ll be aware of my involvement with Arts Emergency - not least of all 2012’s 100 Days of Art project, which sought to help launch the grass-roots charity set-up by comedian Josie Long and campaigner Neil Griffiths. But since then I’ve also been providing portraits for the Alternative ‘Old Boys’ Network - with a membership of over 1000 Arts, Humanities and Social Science graduates - and am chuffed to say that I today surpassed 200 portraits!
These are a selection of my favourite entries from the past year or so. More often than not, the limited colour palette has me tearing my hair out but it’s also fun to find a good contrast and placement for the red. I try to avoid simply throwing it on the lips of all the women (as is so often used as a shorthand for femininity) unless it vibes with their particular style choices.
Now 200 may only represent a tiiiiiny chunk of the network but it’s a testament to how large this still fairly recent endeavor is growing in such a short span of time and i’m very proud to have been, and still be, involved - if only for the unique joy of seeing my Twitter feed filled with profile pictures of my art!