Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance Branded Items Design
Project Overview 
Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance believes the essence of insurance services is to protect customers against risk in the world, championing a bright and hopeful future. We realize the brand identity and core values in our branded items so that customers can build up a healthy habit through these daily items.

The items help to build a good habit beyond the one-off experience constantly providing customers positive experience within the brand. Conveying the warm attention and profound understanding toward the customers, we expect the healthy lifestyle may contribute to the customers’ better tomorrow.   

We conducted a survey1 to improve the quality of prior promotional products and to reflect the demand of working groups. Discontent over both design and product quality has been detected, and satisfaction on overall usability of products was low. Also, it was needed to reinforce the brand image through products.

1 13 Questions, 390 Responses

Q.How did you use the promotional products after purchasing them?

Q.Which was the least satisfied part in the promotional products?

Q.Please choose your opinion to improve the promotional products.

Insight & Planning 
Through the survey and keen analysis, we set up the strategy to meet the qualification of branded items from three perspectives: Employee, Customer, Business

The slogan ‘Small Habit Big Change’ symbolizes that little habit can make a significant difference in our lives.​​​​​​​

Design Principle 
1. Gradation
Gradation, our main design element, visualizes an experience that healthy habits, the Brand identity and the core value permeate the customer’s daily life. Symbolizing the natural flow of time and change in seasons as well as healthy habits, the color scheme utilizes sub-colors and is applied to items that make up each set.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

2. Package 
It is intended that healthy habits permeate the customer’s daily life once they lay eyes on the spring blue color which is in sharp contrast to the grey package. The box is made of recycled paper with sustainability in mind, and the texture is comfortable to touch. The product guide that can be found as soon as opening the box is made of tracing paper to gently convey the greeting from the brand.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Diffused in My Body : The Tumbler and Tea Set 
The tumbler and tea set suggests that eating and drinking habits in the customer’s everyday life affects their health. The color scheme expresses the morning, afternoon and night, and teas to match each time of day are included. The portable tumbler has been selected to blend naturally with the customer's lifestyle.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Small but Life-changing : Monthly Toothbrush Set 
We designed a monthly replacement toothbrush set so that users can check the replacement cycle of the toothbrush, which is easy to forget. The color scheme expresses the changes of the seasons, and the month is written on each toothbrush so that users can intuitively understand how to use it.

Samusung Fire & Marine Insurance 
Branded Items

Jul – Dec 2021

Plus X Advance Lab
Creative Director: Junyoung Lee 
BX Director: Mihyang Kim 
BX Designer: Bokyung Kim, Hyesun Park

Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance
Brand Strategy Dept.

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Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance Branded Items Design