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    New package design for Crown Clown Tokyo.
New package design for Crown Clown Tokyo.
Crown: Clown is a high-performance cosmetics brand originated in Tokyo. By reducing the extra advertising expenses and middle margin, rich component is used abundantly than the common products. 
The symbol of Crown Clown is composed by three metaphor, and they express the characteristics of the products itself.
Crown: The crown on the symbol is a motif of milk crown.This is also the symbol of the moisture of the superlative. The Crown has the meaning of the highest quality.
Clown: The clown sits close to the shield, exist for providing smile to people. Like in the activity of a Hospital Clown advocated by Patch Adams, who is an American doctor, smile improves immune strength, and promote recovering from disease symptoms. The clown is symbol of recovery, which tries to create smiles for people.
Shield: The shield is symbol of defending beauty.
This product may continue to keeping the beauty and skins of customers.