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animated/live action 20sec TV commercial for Donegal Catch cod in breadcrumbs
20sec TV commercial for Donegal Catch
Despite my backgound being in animation, I retired from moving image business about 10 years ago in an effort to concentrate on illustration. My reasons for 'getting out' of animation were complex but mainly based on the belief I was spreading myself too thinly over too many areas. The animation I was producing was mainly based on others character designs and rarely my own. Basically, I didn't feel I had much ownership over the work produced.
Just before Christmas I offered the chance to get back into TV commercials. I had directed a few TV ads back when Flash was the new boy in town, but I'd never directed live action (infact, I'd never even set foot on a shoot:). This time it felt different, I was being given the chance to create my own characters in my own style and directing live action felt like a bit of a challenge.
So here it is, I hope you like it. I've very proud of the work produced and it was great being part of a 'crew', one of the things I'd certainly missed from my former life in animation:)
Thanks a million to all involved!
Director: Steve Simpson, Production Company: AssemblyProducer: Rebecca Bourke, Agency: Irish International, 
Agency Producer: Grainne O'Driscoll, Creative Director: Dylan Cotter, Art Director: Rachel Foley, 
Illustration: Steve Simpson, Copy Writer: Rob McBride, Post Production Company: Screen Scene
Animator: Hubert Montag, Editor: Rob Hegarty, Post Production Producer: Jenny Hinde, DOP: JJ Rolfe
Sound: Gareth Averill, Food Stylist: Erica Ryan, Boy: Alex Colgan
The initial sketched-out treatment for this project was done in my hotel room in Moscow a few weeks ago.
final colour storyboard
A proud moment; my debut as a live action director:)
On location, with camera crew and Alex, shooting the live action elements of the commercial
I created all the animated elements on a singel large file in photoshop. Each character was in it's own folder and any parts that I wanted animating were on their oen layer. They were then imported into After Effects by the animator.
All type is naturally hand drawn:)
a couple of options on the "Tasty Offers In-Store Now" bottle using hand-drawn typography. 
Thanks for watching:)
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Thank You :)