Motion Graphics

We collaborated with brand design agency Oker to establish a logo reveal and brand film for Jidu – to be unveiled at ROBODAY 2022. Jidu is a new automotive company, co-founded by internet giant Baidu and automaker Geely – launching an L4 autonomous car. Jidu employs AI to drive the future of mobility and reimagine the human-machine relationship through immersive experiences.

By turning the pixel of the logo into a portal, we sought to capture the idea that Jidu is not just another ‘car company’ with powerful autonomous vehicles, but rather a technology & experience company, determined to push humanity forward. Everything we developed visually stemmed from that. We wanted the film to feel extremely immersive and to give viewers a sense of continuous travel and a new, optimistic era of mobility and possibility.​​​​​​​

The car features a dual LiDAR autonomous driving system, and is based on Baidu Apollo’s L4 system. It realizes human-vehicle interaction and accurate speech semantic recognition in multiple scenarios, so that cars can “naturally communicate” with people. Based on AI and big data driving, robots will be able to learn and iterate by themselves, and achieve self-development

The pixel is an integral part of the identity: it both mirrors the digital-first approach and symbolizes data as a foundation for autonomy. Violet accents the monochromatic palette, representing technological intelligence.

Process + R&D

Client: Jidu / Client Lead: Helen Hsu / Brand Design Agency: Oker / Audio: Cypher / VO: Keri Robinson / Copywriter: Tara Wright / Production Company: Tendril / Creative Director: Chris Bahry / Executive Producer: Mary Anne Ledesma / Producer: Georgie Patching / Director: Sebastian Baptista / Art Director: Renato Marques / Production Coordinator: Jelena Sibalija / CG Supevisor: Ben Pilgrim / Design: Rafael Eifler, Joan Guash, Phillip Pavlov, Rich Nosworthy, Toros Kose, Subframe/Mikhail Sedov, Vasiliy Filileev / Animatic: Alexandre Veaux, Maxime Roz / Animation: Phillip Pavlov, Rolando Barry, Rich Nosworthy, Yeseong Kim, Will Sharkey, Gabriel Rocha / Unreal Engine Animation: Christian Hecht / Lighting and Render: Maxime Roz, Rolando Barry, Yeseong Kim, Brad Husband and Aiden Riekenbrauck / Compositors: Astrid Cardenas, Maxime Roz and Corey Larson