Doginclusive KV

Doginclusive is a web portal and a community connecting dog lovers searching for pet-friendly accommodations with hosts offering such places in Poland. 
We were asked to refresh its visual language and create new guidelines for social media communication based on the existing ID.

Previous communication and new, standarize examples 

We standardized typography by abandoning various decorative fonts for one, simple and modern sans serif typeface.​​​​​​​
A set of geometric forms and colorful badges was prepared for the visual language of Doginclusive. While added to the photos, they emphasize the most important information.

We expanded the basic colour scheme (green and brown from the logotype) with mild tones such as sunny yellow, warm beige, and terracotta red.

All new visual elements are put together in a simple layout system. By dividing each format into 1, 2, or 3 parts the tandem can create attractive yet clean content.

Doginclusive KV
Multiple Owners
Ola Olszewska