Aquatoria: spa interiors
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Aquatoria: spa interiors

Aquatoria – five-floor water-entertainment complex, located at Vladovostok, Russia. 
Our bureau has developed part of the premises (procedural, massage and SPA rooms) and furniture solutions. The purpose of these spaces is to give guests a sense of privacy and relaxation.
The clay room is peaceful. The floor, walls, ceiling are covered with natural clay. The room is kept comfortable temperature up to 40 degrees Celsius, the light is muted, the shaping is traced in the natural environment. The pillows are made of natural linen and filled with a real meadow hay, the aroma of which is part of the overall aromatic spectrum of the room. There is a furnace in the center, above it is a copper bowl, in which the herbs are brewed - the composition is specially selected for the relaxation and recovery of the guest. The interior is designed with a minimum of tools to create an atmosphere that does not distract from important.
The jade room is made of natural basalt and black tuff. In the center there is a large heated podium lined with jade. The main idea of this space is an empty room, where apart from the podium nothing disputes for the attention of the guest. Guests are freely located on the podium.

The aroma room is equipped to create a relaxing aroma position and maintain a comfortable temperature. Guests sit in suspended chairs, swinging over the floor. The main focus is a photo of the mountain array of photographer Gleb Teleshev. The photo occupies the whole wall, due to the correct illumination and glass in several planes creates a sense of volume.
The SPA complex combines aesthetics and principles of different cultures. The purpose of this space is to erase the cultural boundaries usually inherent in the SPA. In space, light is properly built, there is no extra gloss and decor. All this affects the perception of the guest, allows him to concentrate on care for the body. Only natural materials are used: basalt and tuff on the floor, mazanka, concrete bowls and wooden furniture made of solid or oak veneer. The spa complex has four rooms adapted for different treatments.
Interior design: Da-sein Bureau, Grigory Snegirev
Photo: Vitaliy Sosnin

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Russia, Vladivostok, 2022.

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Aquatoria: spa interiors
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