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Ollie Branding

Branding Enhancement Project
In collaboration with Cloud 6 Studios Graphic Designer, Haley Coyle
About the brand
Ollie is a subbrand of large lifestyle developer, Brio Product Group. Brio focuses on creating high-quality grooming tools at an affordable price. They created Ollie to launch their dental products, which are meant to be used as a set with existing Brio items in a system.

When Cloud 6 Studios stepped in, Ollie had bare-bones branding. There was a simple logo mark and a basic primary teal color paired with black and white. We stepped in to fill in the gaps and expand the brand, so it could be applied to future launches.
Custom Iconography
The thought process behind these icons were to capture some features of the products in a minimal style, although some of the descriptions were tricky.
We had to really consider how to visually represent chemical compounds in the way that it's applied to the customer. We also trialed different styles in a mockup of the icon's final destination for compatibility.
The Brio branding included these neat slider graphics that helped customers understand the differences between their brushhead options. Since Ollie products were created to be used in tandem with Brio products, they migrated over this concept to show the brushheads on the Ollie landing page as well.

However, they didn't have the original design files for the slider graphics, so we built from scratch. You can see that updated graphics also got a higher-res treatment here.
Ollie Branding

Ollie Branding

Dental branding and application to landing pages, custom iconography, packaging, and more.