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    My second entry for the Poster Posse Project — Days of Future Past featuring Wolverine, the Time Travellin' Mutant!
Wolverine poster 1
Wolverine — Variant 1
Wolverine — Variant 3
Wolverine — Variant 4
Wolverine's fiery mug!
My sencond entry for the Poster Posse project X-Men: Days of Future Past.
This time I wanted to draw Wolverine, initially my idea was way different, but in the middle of the process I changed my mind, I wanted to create something like a vintage gig poster, hence the nonsense text at the bottom. I also wanted to draw a very intense Wolverine.
Hope you liked it and please head over to www.blurppy.com to see the rest of the entries by some of the most awesome artists around (present company not included)
Thanks for watching!