Design Work 2006 - 2008
Design Work Portfolio 1
2006 - 2008
Commercial work done primarily for MSNBC with a few freelance jobs thrown into the mix.
Hey, you gotta make a livin' right? These were actually quite fun and a few won some awards,
so go figure!
Special Report, 2006.
Verdict with Dan Abrams, 2007.
This comic inspired concept was pretty radical at the time for TV news, you see it used much more these days.
Was picked by Dan Abrams and his senior producers ended up being changed a lot at the last minute which is
pretty common for television. Nominated for BDA award.
These were part of an idea for a celebrity element to the show.

The Tim Russert Show, 2007.
This was a fun project, made it to final round of picks.
NBC went with another idea at the end.
This was one of the original 1970's punk album inspired storyboards for Rachel Maddow.
The final result was changed a bit. BDA Bronze Award, 2008.
Fraud, Inc. 2008
Idea for the banking scandal debacle.
One of the early incarnations of Hardball, this was for a Dan Abrams vehicle which never got off the ground.
Based on a 50's retro type thing.
Design Work 2006 - 2008

Design Work 2006 - 2008

This is a portion of my commercial design output for the years 2006 - 2008.


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