Billar | Branding

Billar | Branding
Together we reach to top-class lifestyle.

Billar is a luxury real estate agent in Vietnam such as Vinhomes, Novaland, Masteries Homes, etc. They plan to target the top-tier and high-cost market segment, where customer's demand is billion-dollar apartments.

More and more new real estate agents are growing; however, many of them face difficulty in trying to sell products due to lack of ability to analyze the psychology of customers.

To approach the brand and their target market segment properly, GudLag Creative decided to focus on the upper class as the potential customer of Billar. 
The customer who wants to own luxury real estate must be the one with vision and position in society. They only spend their time with people who suit their book; a good screw can respect the true value of themselves. Billar is not only a real estate agent but also a high-class partner who knows clearly about high-class customers and their lifestyle. Our idea for this brand is Billar - Together We Reach To Top-Class Lifestyle.

Logo design
Based on the brand concept, GudLag Creative wanted to bring the symmetrical system and the parallel structure into the logo. So, we decided to use two letters L in the brand name, then created a distinctive logo mark, which is two buildings rising to the top-class together, for Billar.
Billar | Branding