TOOCALL opens up new opportunities in all spheres of life for French citizens. Telecommunications are able to change and improve people's lives, and this is exactly what TOOCALL strives for in its relations with everyone deals with our company. Telecommunication services, technological projects and strategic initiatives of the Company cover all aspects that are important for society. All these activities are carried out by a highly qualified team of TOOCALL professionals.
TOOCALL's responsible approach to business means transparency and fair play with customers, partners and investors, active charity and volunteer activities, creation of positive and mutually beneficial relations between the Company and its employees. TOOCALL cares about the future of society – this is what the Company regards as its main social role.
Geographic coverage TOOCALL expands the area of its presence where it implements its programs and projects. Thanks to a common approach to all regions, the projects are implemented on a large scale and with maximal efficiency. It is very important for us to carry out social projects in all regions and ensure digital equality and accessible communications not only in cities, but also in the most distant and scarcely populated areas.