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The story of building the brand identity 
of a software vendo
SCC is a leading supplier of copyrighted software in Vietnam and SEA markets. With a precise opinion of ​​the importance of branding, SCC approached Vu with the purpose to design a creative and effective brand identity.

SCC aimed to increase brand awareness through communication channels to maintain competitiveness, which would help position the brand and serve future expansion. However, the main problem was that SCC's image and content system was outdated, compared to other competitors. After identifying that core problem, Vu came up with plans to develop a comprehensive brand identity for SCC.

SCC has a vision of transparency in providing products and services to customers. To show clarity and transparency in their brand values, Vu used the idea of ​​"transparency" as the main concept in this project. We show it through graphic elements listed as logo, color, and other visual identity.

Vu decided to combine abstract and wordmark methods when designing the logo for SCC. The goal of this combination is to ensure flexibility & consistency and convey the brand values. New logo was developed from the graphic system and inspired by Venus Star - to represent the position and leading role of SCC.

SCC did not have any specific color palette initially. They used colors based on their preferences or media campaigns, which decrease the consistency and identity of the brand. Vu decided to use Puerto Rican as the main color, combined with two sub-colors: Elephant and Black Pearl. This color system ensures the distinctiveness and credibility of the brand. They are also well-displayed on different platforms.

Visual Identity
To build an identity system for SCC, Vu decided to get ideas from factors related to mechanical engineering fields. The factors include the outside of the metal screws & the cross-section of the aluminum profiles used in construction. These details not only express the brand spirit, but also describe the brand value when bringing a new perspective towards the future.

Let's build something together
Client: SCC Holdings
Timeline: 2021

Creative Director: Quyền Vũ
Brand Strategy Consulting: Quyền Vũ
Project Manager: Tracy Nguyễn
Content Writer: Đoàn Phát, Vũ Huy
Brand Designer: PH Siêu, Nguyễn Vinh Quang
3D Designer: Tiến Đạt
Motion Designer: Tiến Đạt, Vũ Tâm
Graphic Designer: Vũ Tâm, Wilson Huy
Portfolio Photography: Vũ Studio

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SCC Holdings - Brand Identity